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Village Arts is dedicated to the promotion of fine art and fine quality craft, following in the tradition of European guilds. The organiztion is made up of Canadian craftspeople; members’ work covers the spectrum from cottage industry to one-of-a-kind artisan. Craft encompasses traditional and contemporary design, and covers a wide range of media including – but not limited to – textiles and fabric, glass and metalwork, original paintings, photography and pottery. The store prioritizes the profiling of local and regional artisans’ work. Additionally, outreach to other artisans in Canada takes place as required to ‘recruit’ specific media so as to ensure a balanced and representative array of products in the store.

Village Arts is incorporated as a non profit society and operates as a collective of artists: all income generated by the store is shared between the artisan members and the organization; the store’s share of income is applied directly to the store’s operating costs. Village Arts is financially supported by memberships and commissions on sales. It is overseen by a Board of Directors elected by the membership at an Annual General Meeting. The store is run with the support of a manager and a staff of working members.


In July 2006, the Village Arts Society incorporated as a non-profit society around the following objectives:

To operate, on a not-for-profit basis, a retail shop of high quality standard in Invermere, British Columbia. The store sells fine craft products, thereby providing artisans with a professional venue to sell their handcrafted work.

To support artisans’ ability to earn a livelihood from their craft by providing a professional showcase for their work and by promoting the store so that it is well known.

To educate the public about fine craft; to provide an opportunity for the public to view and purchase handcrafted work and interact with working artisans.

To encourage community economic development by creating work for artisans and creating local jobs.


You must be a member of the organization in order to sell or display work in the Village Arts store.

Members are also entitled to:

•vote at the Annual General Meeting

•stand for election to the Board of Directors

•receive a Members’ Newsletter

•a presence on the Village Arts web site

Village Arts is dedicated to progressive marketing and active promotion of fine craft, and to the education of members and the public.

In order to maintain Membership , you must:

1be a resident of Canada;

2have your work reviewed by the Selections Committee each calendar year;

3pay annual dues of $75.00 which includes GST, by March 1 each year.

Selection Process:

Village Arts is looking for artisans whose work has a personal direction, is unique and of consistently superior craftsmanship.

At the present time, Village Arts does not ‘generally’ accept the following:

•hobby crafts

•flower arrangements, pressed flowers or potpourri

•transfers, decals, decoupage

•liquid embroidery

•work made from kits, commercial patterns

•(as from pattern books or magazines)

•work made with a commercial product as the focal point

The Director’s elects a Selections Committee which juries new work. Please see our “contact us” page and email us for a Jury Application and the date of the next Selection Committee meeting.

Four to five samples of your work are required for jurying. Please enclose funds or return postage. A resume, retail pricing and technical description is required along with the Jury Application Form.

The Selection Committee awards points on a seven point scale in the following categories:

•Aesthetics and design

•Technical competence



•Retail potential

Once the work has passed through the Selection process, the craftsperson is informed in writing as to whether or not the work has been accepted for sale in the store.

We ask that craftspeople contact the store to arrange delivery and pick up of their work in recognition of our very limited storage space.

Please note that no critique is given of work submitted for jury. Only work of the same type and quality as that passed by the Selections Committee can be sold in the shop. Members submitting new work must go through the Selections process.

Once an artisan’s work has passed Selection and membership dues are paid, the work should be brought into the store as soon as possible.

Village Arts’ commission structure:

•19 – 21+ hours = 15% commission

•13 – 16+ hours = 25% commission

•5 – 8+ hours = 32% commission

•0 hours = 40% commission