Weavers Bee Co.

Our family has been pollinating fields around British Columbia for almost 40 years. With hives placed from the Coast to the Okanagan, our bees collect nectar from a variety of flowers, allowing us to offer a wide range of honey flavours back home in Invermere.  We sell beeswax as well.

We also bring home fruit from the various orchards we help pollinate, and sell freshly harvested blueberries, cherries, peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums, and more.  Fruit pollinated by honey bees is on average 50 percent larger than fruit grown without this added boost.  Our daughter, Shannon, grew up in the beekeeping business and now helps us to run it along with her husband, Steve Root.

Artist’s Web Site: https://weaversbeeco.com
Artist’s Hometown: Invermere, BC

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Saunders Family Farm

Saunders Family Farm has developed a great line of jams and jalapeno jellies locally made in Windermere with only the freshest of BC Fruits. We have 12 different flavors that will appeal to just about everyone. Spice up your weekend with our top seller ‘Raspberry Pepper’, that goes great with Brie or cream cheese and crackers. To keep up with the demand, our jams and jalapeno jellies are made every few weeks with no preservatives.

The Saunders farm is also popular with families enjoying an adventure of u-picking strawberries in Windermere. We stand by our motto of ‘A fresh taste of the Valley’.

Artist’s Web Sitehttp://www.saundersfamilyfarm.ca
Artist’s Hometown: Windermere

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