Kabre Candle & Bath Co

Our journey started with taking our first candle class in April 2019, by the end the class we knew this was something we wanted to explore and make our next careers. With both of us having a cosmetology background we already had the art side in us. We started brain storming other products we could add to start up our business, starting with candles we quickly added bath bombs and lip balm to the list. On our way home we came up with the name KaBre (Kaley & Brenda combine) Candle & Bath. We hit the ground running and spent the next 5 weeks “perfecting” our product before launching it (little did we know there was a lot more perfecting to come) we launched our product in the front end of Brenda’s salon on June 7 2019.

We are excited to continue to share our products with everyone and keep growing our business!

Artist’s Hometown: Invermere, BC

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Hayley Stewart

Originally from southern Ontario, I studied Fine Art at the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto. Upon completing my degree in 2008 I traveled west lured first by the ocean to Tofino & later by the mountains to BC’s interior. I spent 3 years living in Golden, BC immersed in mountain culture, before moving to Calgary in 2012 to pursue a career in art as a scenic painter. I left the cushy gig (and Calgary) in 2017 to plant roots in Revelstoke, BC and to solely pursue my own visual art practice. 

Experiencing the sublimity of the mountains and participating in mind-expanding activities which engage the body and free the mind are the foundation of my work.  My most recent paintings – vivid atypical landscapes – highlight nature’s intricacies with a bold palette, smooth colour blending and concise brushstrokes.  

My current work explores the stunning scenery of British Columbia, Alaska & my own imagination, sharing my unique perspective, interpretation & the abundance of inspiration I feel when immersed in nature, while ultimately conveying the message to preserve & protect the environment we inhabit.

Painting allows me to leap the barriers of language and share the abundance of inspiration I feel when immersed in nature. The mountains are my continuing education.

Artist’s Hometown: Revelstoke, BC

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Carolyn Barzilay

Carolyn has been an inspired artist from the get go. Once she realized that not everyone had the same artistic abilities, she focused on, and refined her skills.
The refining was attempted at college twice with the anticipation of melding the art and business worlds. Carolyn thought that commercial art was exactly where she wanted to be. Instead, she followed the path that led her strongly in the direction of funky art.

Painting fabric/clothing with her “Damn Dog” and “Damn Cat” Mud Prints design was a full time job for 10 years. It reached as far as Ontario. She even painted her design on mugs.

The discovery of a paint that was dishwasher safe was intriguing for glassware. She started using colors other than black (for the mud) and red (for the writing). This new paint tended to bleed together. At first it seemed a mess, but with some control and experimenting, Carolyn discovered a beautiful and elegant design that she could create with this liquid gold. It was done with only a few color combinations in the beginning, but she now uses every color her paint company makes.

She retails at 4 outlets, including her own recently purchased gallery/gift shop, La Galeria II, in Fairmont, BC.

Eventually, Carolyn intends to spend her quiet times in her unique little store fulfilling her passion of becoming a successful watercolor artist, eventually filling the walls of the gallery with her own works of art.

Artist’s Hometown: Invermere, B.C.

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Bella Vista Glass

After many years of living in Canada’s far north, Patricia Doyle is now a Vernon, BC glass, metal and jewellery artisan and teacher. Her Northern Angels and Aurora Borealis Candleholders pay homage to many
years in the north and her deep love of the magic of the brief northern summer.

Patricia also creates one of a kind fused art glass pieces to enhance your home and life with colour and light.
Handmade, stunning and unique. Just like you.

Artist’s Web Sitehttp://www.bellavistaglass.moonfruit.com
Artist’s Hometown: Vernon, BC

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