Stillpoint Pottery

Our pieces are thrown or hand-built, or a mixture of both. We take pride in making our own glazes; a mixture of pulverized feldspar, clay, silica, a flux and an oxide. Our work is high-fired to cone ten, or 2380° Fahrenheit, so that the finished object is unique, as well as kitchen and food safe. In an age of disposability we strive to create a product that will last for a lifetime and beyond.

We work individually and collaboratively often inspiring each other in new directions. We love what we do and It gives us great pleasure to know that others are able to use and enjoy the things we create.

Our studio and gallery are right next door to our home in the heart of the West Kootenays in the beautiful Slocan Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

Artist’s Web Site
Artist’s Hometown: Slocan Park, BC

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