Mavis & Me

Diane Jamison is the “Me” of “Mavis & Me”.  Her mom, Mavis, was always her greatest supporter so even though she is no longer with us, it made sense to include her on this creative journey.  She has been sewing since she was very young and has always enjoyed making things for friends and family.  Since her three children are fully grown, she decided to start entering craft sales to sell her fun and colorful upcycled denim bucket hats.   

 Repurposing or upcycling fabrics not only helps the environment, it is cost effective, and it challenges your imagination and creativity. When Diane goes thrift shopping she sees potential in the fabrics and materials and always comes away with new ideas for projects.

Diane resides in Calgary but has spent many weekends and summers over the last 18 years in Invermere at her cabin in the beautiful Columbia Valley. 

Artist’s Hometown: Calgary, AB

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