Kelly is a Lampwork glass and mixed media artist. She has been interested in all art forms for as long as she can remember. At the age of 8 her teacher saw some raw talent and presented her with her very first how to draw animals book and charcoal set. Both of Kelly’s parents were very talented artists and encouraged her to experiment with a variety of mediums.  She graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Physical Education with a minor in Art.

In addition to Kelly’s commissioned work in drawing, she continued to explore other mediums. Her love for making delicately detailed items led her into making wearable art, mainly jewelry. She made pieces out of sterling silver which she wrapped intricately. Needing to add something more she took a class in Lampworking which is a term used for working with hot glass in a flame or flame working. The term came from the use of oil lamps centuries ago to produce heat and flame needed to melt glass. Today modern flame workers use torches that can mix both fuel and oxygen for a much hotter flame and easier control.

Kelly has developed a passion for the art form as it is both beautiful and captivating. There are endless possibilities to make incredible pieces of art. No two are ever alike. Each of her beads are made one at a time which is a small piece of art in its self. She mostly loves to create sculptural beads; whimsical animals, fish, birds and flowers. She gets her creative inspiration from the beautiful world around her. It could be the color patterns on a woman’s dress to the colors of the setting sun. Kelly hopes to never stop learning and evolving as an artist.

You can find more of her work at her Etsy shop.

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