My inspiration is drawn from the natural beauty of the mountainous Kootenay Region, and essentially, nature in general. The seasons in this area are very distinct from one another, presenting me the opportunity to incorporate all of the brilliant color palates I experience into my work. I believe that certain color combinations are not only pleasing to the eye, but can bring forth certain emotions. The thought of someone seeing my work, and experiencing a feeling of warmth, or a feeling of happiness, is deeply satisfying for me.

I typically begin drawing without any one idea of what form my drawing will take, but within a short time of staring at the blank paper, I establish an image in my mind. I start with a free hand sketch, and allow my hand to unfurl different shapes and figures, making key decisions along the way. The background is always the last thing that I draw. Once I am happy with my sketch, I use clean, thick black lines to strengthen my image and give it stability. Next, I apply vibrant colors, which present the image with great personality.

The bears in my inkings, are a bit of a challenge. Trying to portray such a beautiful, strong, burly animal as calm, and almost with a sense of vulnerability, isn’t easy. I draw the bear in many different ways before choosing a passable representation.

Growing up in a very artistic and musical family, I had endless support and encouragement to express myself in the ways that I wanted to. Spending time creating art in this fashion is extraordinarily fulfilling, and is something that I greatly enjoy.

Artist’s Web Sitehttp://www.KHubArtwork.com
Artist’s Hometown: Golden, BC

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