Jan Formby

Jan’s professional career in pottery began immediately after graduating from Kootenay School of the Arts in 1998. The school is now known as Selkirk College The Arts.

Coffee drinking and the art of coffee crafting was a big part of her college experience so it was a natural progression to start making mugs to sell in the Nelson coffee shop Oso Negro. Popular images include Canadian wildlife and sports themes inspired by the freshness and excitement of the Kootenays and Rockies of British Columbia’s pristine wilderness. From the bear came the moose, then a biker was requested, then a downhill skier and from there blossomed over 40 different images that fit so well into the Canadian nature market.

These mugs are made of high fired porcelain, glazed with nontoxic studio made glazes and for these reasons they are light weight and durable. Over 20 years of mug production from her solo studio lays claim to this. These personalized and often coveted mugs are also dishwasher and microwave safe.  These pieces are elegantly simple in form, with glazed surfaces in gloss and matt finishes.  High firing the porcelain body make these mugs durable and light weight.
For over 20 years these mugs have been welcome on kitchen tables across Canada and the globe.

Artist’s Hometown: Salmo, BC

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