Fire Art – Shauna Liora

While on a trip to Inuvik in 2015 and I met a First Nations artist who introduced me to the mysteries of fire and ink.  For three years I experimented with it and developed a new method of working with the ink and fire that give it the freedom to express itself in vibrant aurora life effects.  I call it Fire Art.  There is a wildness that I have to allow when working with fire.   I work with each piece over and over again, using different techniques to allow the alchemy of fire to transform the ink until it surprises or moves me.  Once the burning process is complete I get to interpret what the fire and ink has created and hand paint or draw in what I feel its speaking to me. It’s a two-step creative process that allows me to combine my skills as artist and adventurer (as I’ve been guiding in the Canadian Rockies for almost 20 years) to help tell stories through each piece.  This past year was my first year in getting my art out there and it has been an incredible experience!

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Artist’s Hometown: Cochrane, AB