Carolyn Barzilay

Carolyn has been an inspired artist from the get go. Once she realized that not everyone had the same artistic abilities, she focused on, and refined her skills.
The refining was attempted at college twice with the anticipation of melding the art and business worlds. Carolyn thought that commercial art was exactly where she wanted to be. Instead, she followed the path that led her strongly in the direction of funky art.

Painting fabric/clothing with her “Damn Dog” and “Damn Cat” Mud Prints design was a full time job for 10 years. It reached as far as Ontario. She even painted her design on mugs.

The discovery of a paint that was dishwasher safe was intriguing for glassware. She started using colors other than black (for the mud) and red (for the writing). This new paint tended to bleed together. At first it seemed a mess, but with some control and experimenting, Carolyn discovered a beautiful and elegant design that she could create with this liquid gold. It was done with only a few color combinations in the beginning, but she now uses every color her paint company makes.

She retails at 4 outlets, including her own recently purchased gallery/gift shop, La Galeria II, in Fairmont, BC.

Eventually, Carolyn intends to spend her quiet times in her unique little store fulfilling her passion of becoming a successful watercolor artist, eventually filling the walls of the gallery with her own works of art.

Artist’s Hometown: Invermere, B.C.

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