1045 7th Ave | Invermere, BC V0A 1K0 | 250.342.6151

Pottery & Ceramics

Caraway Pottery

Alice Hale

Alice’s work is fired primarily in reduction, but she also works extensively with the Raku process, and on occasion, fires with sawdust smoke, in an electric kiln, or in a saggar in her gas kiln.

Pridham Studio

Pridham Studio, Micah & Jeremiah Wassink

Jeremiah and Micah produce their distinctive line of pottery full-time at Pridham Studio. Owners since 2011, they have established themselves as a creative production team with Jeremiah as the potter and Micah as the painter.

Stillpoint Pottery

Lance Hall & Maureen McEwen

Our studio and gallery are right next door to our home in the heart of the West Kootenays.

WhiteRabbit Studios

Beverly and Leslie Rasporich

She enjoys creating individual clay medallions, a delight to her, and hopefully to others. She believes that art is essential to a fulfilling life whether one is an active participant or an appreciative observer.