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Alasha Lantinga

Alasha Lantinga

Alasha is a metal clay jewelry artist who believes jewelry is an expression of who we are. She hopes you can find a piece in her collection to express your unique spirit.


Sandra Arnold Beingessner

Each bead is an original, wearable piece of art. The finest embellishments with her wearable art pieces include Sterling Silver, Bali Silver, Swarovski Crystals, Semi-Precious Stones and Pearls.

Forge Craft Designs

Adam Bateman

Having worked in wood and metal for over fifteen years, Adam makes everything in his workshop in Esquimalt, just across the harbour from downtown Victoria.

GentleMoon Metals

Tom Coyle and Wynn Dubord

Gentlemoons’ unique metal sculptures are displayed and sold in many fine galleries in the United States and Canada.


Kelly Tomalty

Each of her beads are made one at a time which is a small piece of art in its self. She mostly loves to create sculptural beads; whimsical animals, fish, birds and flowers.

Twin Vision Glass

Leslie Rowe-Israelson

It was in the mountains that they discovered their other shared passion. Glass would come to consume their thoughts and dreams.

WhiteRabbit Studios

Beverly and Leslie Rasporich

She enjoys creating individual clay medallions, a delight to her, and hopefully to others. She believes that art is essential to a fulfilling life whether one is an active participant or an appreciative observer.