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Carney Oudendag

Carney Oudendag

She loves to teach art, look at art, talk about art and think about the next exciting possibilities lurking in her ‘hoard’ of art materials!


Katrina Huebert

My inspiration is drawn from the natural beauty of the mountainous Kootenay Region, and essentially, nature in general.

Kari Lehr Art

Kari Lehr

Through my work, I seek to impart a sense of that stillness which allows us to feel connection to each other and the natural world.


Kendra Dixson

She has always been creative and watercolours instantly became a passion.

Lucent Imagery

Kyla Gent

Kyla (Kyla Brown Photography) enjoys both photography and her Lucent Imagery art line to connect with and celebrate the world before her.

Silk Concepts

Darcy Gusse-Edinga

Quality and function are emphasized in all her work, from framed art pieces to quilted jackets to scented sachets.

SuzzeeB’s Art

Suzan de Laine

Bold with a rich depth to the colour, allowing the light to shine through.

Valerie Gilbert

Valerie Gilbert

Ceate a number of my own designs with papers from around the world. Unique, one-of-a-kind cards and framed art.

Wild Air Photography

Douglas Noblet

As a skier, mountaineer, and pilot, he brings back through images a different and unique perspective on the Kootenays.