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Beverly Rasporich

Beverly Rasporich (PhD) is a professor emeritus from the University of Calgary where she taught the Arts in Canada and held administrative positions. She has written numerous books and articles on Canadian Culture including Dance of the Sexes: Art and Gender in the Fiction of Alice Munro. Her compact disc, Western Place/Women’s Space highlights the visual art of painters Irene McCaugherty, Susan Ross and Esther Warkov. Recently she has turned her attention to fiction writing and the ceramic arts. In 2007, she won first prize in the Freefall Literary Magazine and in 2009, honorable mention.

She has been a lifetime supporter of the visual arts, participating in committees for the Stampede Arts Show and for Pynelogs in Invermere. Over the years, as a practicing artist she has taken a number of courses in monoprinting, life drawing, and visual expression. In retirement, she was gifted with a kiln from a colleague, allowing her the opportunity to experiment with painting on clay. She particularly enjoys creating individual clay medallions, a delight to her, and hopefully to others. She believes that art is essential to a fulfilling life whether one is an active participant or an appreciative observer.