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Stephen Lebovits


Hey all, thanks for visiting!

I initially chose ‘brokenfotografy’ quite simply because:

A/to ‘break’ has many meanings: to disobey a rule or law, to escape from restraint, to happen to turn out in a particular way, discontinuity in something and/or an unexpected opportunity that allows achievement.

This is how I live and also how I choose to create.


In the summer of ’91 I ‘broke away’ from my family for the first time to run free and amok across Europe with friends. Upon returning I ‘broke with’ my past for no longer was I myopically local, but rather broad-mindedly global. And the rest of my life has followed suit.

I ‘broke off’ the relations I had fostered for many years, leaving behind my old friends, making new ones while living a hedonistic lifestyle, all the while discovering more about myself, slowly fanning the embers of my personal creativity.

I ‘broke with’ tradition and married out of my faith. Hannah is supremely awesome, end of story.

Then I again ‘broke away’ from my family, heading for Southern California where I would be for almost 4 years, separated from Hannah while she lived and worked in Japan for two.

As I wrote this, we were back together again, living in Tokyo, ‘breaking’ all the tightly held traditional stereotypes of what it means to be married in Japan. Hannah worked full-time while I was a bit of a journeyman, doing several jobs, but also leaving time to clean, do laundry and take out the garbage… it was no problem at all and I rather enjoyed it. I was free to explore my environs, to write and to shoot.

Now, we both call Invermere, British Columbia home.

So, it stands to reason that living such a ‘broken’ lifestyle must somehow ‘break’ my vision of the world, and my place in it.

U b the judge.

I was given my first 35mm SLR many years ago, and it pained me to learn how to use it.

Now, so many years later, I know the theory but putting it into practice still sometimes bewilders me. So, I continue to ‘break the rules’ by ignoring them, and just shoot, shoot, shoot
… and see what becomes of my efforts.

These are my ‘broken’ fotos. Enjoy them, or don’t – it’s up 2 u!

Santi Santi,

Stephen Lebovits
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