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Norman Hendricks

I was born in Ashcroft B.C. in 1946 and grew up on a small farm near Loon Lake B.C. with my two sisters and three brothers. The farm was in the Kamloops area with open range and crown land all around. Growing up in the country I was always out in the outdoors and enjoying nature and animals. We had a mixed farm with cattle, horses , sheep, pigs, chickens and more. Dad always raised birds of some kind, ducks, geese, turkeys, and pheasants were the main ones. So I grew up with all these and learned to love nature at an early age. The mule deer and moose would come in to the hay stacks in the winter and we would put out some hay out where the cattle couldn’t get especially for them. Back in the 50’s in was not uncommon to get three to four feet of snow on the ground and it would stay all winter. Loon creek ran right through our farm so as kids we were always fishing but we could only keep what we wanted to eat and we had to get them ready for cooking. We learned conservation early and always looked after the critters that surrounded us.

At 14 I started a correspondence course on taxidermy and got a diploma in small animal and bird taxidermy at 16. I continued taxidermy and finally got the diploma in large animal taxidermy a few years later. Although I didn’t pursue taxidermy as a career I still enjoy the benefits of learning and studying animals and nature.

All through life I have been an active fisherman, hunter and conservationist. I was a member of the Ashcroft Rod & Gun Club until I moved to Invermere in 1977 and shortly after joined the Lake Windermere Rod & Gun Club. Here in Invermere I have enjoyed the mountains, wildlife and the vast spaces full of nature and flowers. I can never get enough of being outdoors and and learning the birds , animal, and plants species, and even identifying the footprints as we hike along the many trails here in the Kootenays that is now my home.

Back at Loon Lake I learned to build houses and log buildings with my dad and continued as a builder here in Invermere for 30 years. I retired in August 2007 and built my own home on the Toby Benches where my wife Jeannette and I now live.

I started carving antlers after having a sheep horn carving done by Tom Anderson and seeing what could be done. My experience with taxidermy and knowledge of animals and plants has helped me greatly in my design and in what I carve. Several of my earlier carvings were donated to the Rod & Gun Club Fundraisers and other events. Over the last five years I have steadily challenged myself to new and more difficult items as I am now doing.