Pink Paisley

Brenda Kosteriva Proctor is a passionate sewist. With a love for the fiber arts, she picks up all things involving yarns, nature and creating. She has been sewing for over 40 years. Sewing, bag making, knitting, crochet, beading, heirloom bear making and felted creatures have kept her hands busy over the years. Brenda’s bears were sold in Edmonton out of a store on Whyte Ave in the early 1990’s.

“Nature is my inspiration and my lifeline. It calms me and helps me find a balance amongst the intensities of the world we live in. I look for treasures as I walk in nature the same way I did as a child. A rock, piece of bark, driftwood, acorns, leaves, wild berries and flowers, these things make me smile and I feel attached to them.”

Brenda was taught to knit by her grandma when she was 5 years old. She remembers watching her mom make liquid embroidered designs on fabric, painting with oils, watercolors, drawing in charcoals, doodling on every note and envelope she touched. “I observed that art is everywhere and creating has purpose.” She seeks out formal training in all she does, taking courses, workshops, reading, watching videos and browsing regularly on line. She enjoys traveling to take classes, attending watercolor retreats in Mexico and New Mexico with her Mom.

Her earliest memories of sewing are of her mom sewing dance costumes late into the night before dance recitals. Brenda learned that by following a pattern she could create anything. From there she moved to sewing clothes for her children and her friends’ children. Soon she started to look at sewn items and would visualise the patterns.

Natural fibers are her ideals, using cottons, linens, wool felt and sometimes cork. Cork is the vegans’ alternative to leather. It can be wiped clean but is the only material used under “Pink Paisley” that can not be washed in your washing machine. Everything else is machine washable on delicate and laid flat to dry.

Brenda is currently working on doll making, taking inspiration from the Waldorf style of dolls.

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