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Nooks Design began with a visit to some Kelowna, BC thrift stores on a cold December day where there was an abundance of outdated wool sweaters that were going to be discarded due to moth holes; it seemed like a perfect opportunity to take the wool and make it into something new and beautiful.

Our daughter Anouk was turning one and about to take her first steps, and we were in need of some footwear to keep her warm but also to help her gain the confidence she needed to put one foot in front of the other and begin exploring on her own.  The combination of the soft and breathable wool from the upcycled sweater and a leather sole made from an upcycled leather purse provided the slip-resistant and stylish solution we were looking for.  And so was born the name Nooks (“Anouk’s booties”) and the demand grew organically from other parents who saw our booties as just what they wanted their little ones to wear too.

One year after the launch of the business, a line of children’s clothing was designed and brought into production, starting with custom dresses and skirts. The diversification of the product line made it necessary to rebrand from Nooks Footwear into Nooks Design in mid-2014.

Today, vintage fabrics as well as upcycled wool and leather are being made into a variety of dresses, skirts, rompers, sun suits, bonnets, bloomer shorts and accessories; of course, the little wool booties that started it all are still available too!

Our small team works to develop new and fresh patterns every season, always with the inspiration of using timeless designs.  Beyond selling our products at farmers’ and crafters’ markets throughout Western Canada,  Nooks Design goods can be found at over 65 finer children’s clothing boutiques throughout North America, as well as online.

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