Mountain Town Knits

My name is Kathleen. I am a Mom and Wife. I have a BSc. in Biology, and pre-parenthood I had worked for a forestry company, studied birds in a National Park, and did research for a mining company. I’ve been hand knitting for most of my life, but about nine years ago, my amazing Aunt gave me one of her old knitting machines and told me I would appreciate it once I had children. I tried learning how to use it but wasn’t quite sure I liked it, so stuck with my hand knitting. Fast forward a few years into being a Mom to two, then three boys and I revisited the knitting machine with newfound enthusiasm. My serene, quiet knitting time became noisy, sweaty (yes, sweaty – it can be a pretty good physical workout to use a knitting machine) and super productive time for me to make things for myself and my family – socks, sweaters, hats, etc. I started adding my own designs and selling things locally, which allowed me to purchase more types and colours of yarn. I love natural fibers and prefer to work with and wear them.

I design and make items that are functional (usually for warmth) and look nice. I love cycling, skiing, camping, hiking, canoeing, and all of the other things that I get to do in the mountain town where I live. That’s were I get my inspiration for my designs, and I’m excited to share them with other mountain town dwellers, nature lovers, knitwear enthusiasts, or anybody with a bit of “wild” in their heart:)

Artist’s Website:

Artist’s Hometown: Rossland, BC

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