Masks For All Reasons

Pam Williamson is a self-taught artist who has been painting for over 30 years. Prior to that, she taught a variety of classes in the craft milieu including knitting, smocking, embroidery, sewing and fabric arts. Upon taking her first Tole Painting class with instructor Ann Lalonde, it quickly became her first love and there was no looking back. She has taught on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and later, in Cochrane, Alberta. She is a charter member of the City of Gardens Decorative Painters Guild and has a successful career selling her work across Canada and worldwide. She has also been involved in set design for Stage West Players and other local theatre groups and has used her sewing and painting talents in costume design. Pam constantly works on honing her artistic skills, and has never stopped in her development of technique and experimentation in different mediums. She has also done a number of murals in Victoria, and in the Calgary-Cochrane area and has had one of her murals featured in the Calgary Sun newspaper.

Pam became involved in painting sets for plays in Golden and Jasper a few years ago, which led to mask making. “ I really enjoy the flexibility of leather as a medium and find the diversity of mask-making very rewarding. It combines a number of my interests, and offers an ever-changing canvas to experiment with.”

Mission Statement 

I find mask-making is opening a whole new creative world for me. I have always had an interest in Mythologies and in nature and find that the making of masks can encompass all my interests. We all have a secret persona that we would like to emulate, and masks allow us to do just that. The more I work with the masks, the more I want to experiment. This is going to be one interesting ride.

Artist’s Hometown: Parson, BC

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