Caraway Pottery

Alice Hale, long time valley potter is largely self taught over thirty five years through reading and some wonderful workshops with “greats” like David Shaner, Joe Bova, Robin Hopper, Ed Bamling, and Les Manning.

Alice’s work is fired primarily in reduction, but she also works extensively with the Raku process, and on occasion, fires with sawdust smoke, in an electric kiln, or in a saggar in her gas kiln.

The reduction ware is mainly functional. She enjoys making pieces that will be used for years, becoming part of daily life and ritual. The forms are simple in style and simply decorated-if at all. Alice uses many glazes and is forever experimenting in colours and finishes. Patterns are frequently carved geometrics, or a leaf motif. Sometimes the work is finished only with slips and/or stains. The Raku pieces are one of a kind, decorative works-interpretations and reflections of her world.

And where does the inspiration come from? Alice has spent much time exploring the world around her. She has climbed and skied mountains, canoed rivers and lakes, hiked trails in all directions. The land has offered infinite textures and colours, patterns, and forms. Her travel in Britain, Europe, Turkey, Asia, South and Central America, the USA, and across Canada and the Arctic have brought her the rich world of art and culture. This has been a great inspiration.

Alice has solo shows at Pynelogs Cultural Centre, The Gallery Café and Meadowlands. Her work has won awards with the BC Festival of Arts and has traveled the East and West Kootenays with the Basins Best. In 2005 a sculptural work, “The Pearly Gate,” was juried into the 50th Anniversary of BC Potters show “Transformations” at the Burnaby Art Gallery.

Artist’s Hometown: Invermere, B.C.

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